Solving the riddle of legal expenses in your business

Greg Weisman is a lawyer who’s area of expertise casts a wide net of business and transactional matters, including trademark/copyright protection and enforcement, intellectual property licensing and corporate. His area is unique in that he deals with mostly lifestyle brands, the entertainment community, high profile musicians, athletes, actors, models and now influencers. Greg helps advise his clients in areas connected with their branding, endorsement and outside business dealings.

Greg and I spend some time focused on his area of expertise. We work our way through some of the various legal scenarios entrepreneurs often find themselves in, as well Greg shares his perspective on how best to approach using legal and when it’s most appropriate.

10:00 - Greg’s role being a lawyer

20:00 - Entrepreneur tips for starting out / how much to spend on lawyers / brand protections

30:00 - Greg discusses exit strategy

38:40 - Common mistakes we make when starting a business 

39:55 - Trademarks / IP

51:00 - Strategic partner pitfalls 

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