Cannabis & Endurance Sports

There's certainly no shortage of debate surrounding the topic of Cannabis, THC & CBD and it's place in endurance sports.  Admittedly, I come from a very uninformed position.  So my talk with Cliff was incredibly eye opening for me personally.  Listen, I smoked weed a couple times in high school, got the spins and puked, or ate an entire bag of Doritos and fell asleep...Uh...Neither of which outcomes are anything I would ever aspire to achieve. Needless to say, that marked a quick end to that era. Fast forward two decades and the world has changed, or rather is attempting to anyway.  Like it or not Cannabis is here to stay. My guest Cliff Drusinsky is an elite level triathlete.  He's also not afraid to admit that he incorporates cannabis into his workouts and as a means of recovery.  He's also working on a natural food supplement (Edible) with health and performance benefits in mind.  Check your preconceived notions at the door and check out this episode "Cannabis & Endurance Sports."

ryan heuser