The intersection of creativity and commerce

Shaheen Sadeghi, former President of Quiksilver shares with us why he left a perfectly great job running a $2Billion dollar brand to open a new, unproven retail shopping concept less than a mile from one of the most dominant and premiere malls in America.  Having no prior experience, he transformed, literally a dirt lot 25 years ago into a visionary cultural retail experience that maintains it's relevance to this day.  Shaheen explains why he took such a heroic leap!

With his forward thinking, retail spaces The LAB // The Camp // The Packing House // Shaheen shares with us the thinking and considerations behind each new success and explains his creative process. We talk about the current state of the retail environment. He tells a great story about why he calls Forever 21 "50,000 sq ft of JUNK" .  We talk about why he thinks "All kids are cool" and what this youth generation really wants. And he gives us some idea of where all of this is heading. 


ryan heuser