Christian Schauf Founder and CEO @ CCS Uncharted Supply Co

Christian Schauf is equal parts rockstar, adventure seeker, visionary marketer and clearly an entrepreneur.  We'll learn how Christian seamlessly weaves whatever fun he's having into a paying gig!  As a musician, he's been "Deployed" to the Middle East 38 times!  And played countless gigs for our troops.  He also started another form of entertainment called "Bikes over Baghdad" which provides a BMX, X Games style experience for the this day.  He's been shelled, taken sniper fire and found himself in a military convoy that narrowly avoided an IED.  He's flown in BlackHawks to C130's.  All in the name of Rock and Roll! And all in the name of providing some smiles in the desert. 

We'll learn about his newest incarnation, Uncharted Supply Co and how frankly he just may save your life!  Christian's brand was also recently featured on Shark Tank. Take a listen as he gives us a peek behind the curtain.

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