Anaheim Ducks Defenseman Kevin Beiksa


Kevin Beiksa is many things, a 13 year veteran of the NHL, a proven defenseman, sometimes a bit of an enforcer (my words, not his) and of course, loving father. On this episode of the Brevity Code Podcast Kevin and I dive into his newest athletic endeavor (Spartan racing!) Somewhat on a whim, Kevin decides to race and takes 6th place overall…Turns out he had stopped several times to “Chat with race volunteers to learn about the obstacles and get them right”… Lookout Spartan competitors! Beyond that we discuss Kevin’s dedication to outworking everyone around him and how that mindset eventually won him a slot in the NHL. We discuss some of his training methods, we talk about his many possible future career opportunities and yes, of course we talked about fighting. I couldn’t help myself and he was kind enough to indulge me.

ryan heuser