How not to suck at BBQ'ing this Summer!

Seeing that it's perfect weather to cook outdoors I've asked a buddy of mine who happens to be complete overkill for the subject to weigh in! Executive Chef Michael Rossi (of The Ranch in Anaheim) drops by to share some of his favorite grilling techniques as well his favorite cuts of meat and how he prepares them.  We also covered other protein grilling tips on chicken, fish, burgers, veggie dishes, pizza and even how to grill fruit! 

We talked about rubs, marinades and all the different flavors you can achieve.  We also discussed wines and craft beer pairings.  And things like direct and indirect heat techniques, searing and the use of the infrared burner.  I hope our talk provides you with some great meals and creative takeaways to impress your friends and family during this Summer season!  Enjoy!

ryan heuser