Jay Maryniak a man who defines and defies fitness realities...

Joining me today is fitness sensation Jay Maryniak. He's a 'loud' secret within the fitness community who's poised to absolutely dominate it very soon. As evidenced by his 235k & growing followers. 

A friend turned me onto Jay's Instragram feed @JTM_FIT and literally I couldn't stop watching it.  I've since forwarded his handle to everyone I know that's into fitness & training.  Their jaws also dropped. His strength & explosive movement combinations are riveting.  Most of them I have never seen done before.  But there's much more to Jay's story than being a gifted and dedicated athlete/trainer.  He tells a story of drug abuse at a young age that forever changed his life's trajectory.  Jay's story is one of peaks and valleys...set backs and triumphs. Just when he's back on track and drug free, life throws him another curve ball.  Listen in to find out how he overcomes that ordeal and how his personal struggles have transformed him in so many positive ways.

ryan heuser